Saturday, January 5, 2013

First Week of 2013

Just finished my last training day for week 1 of 2013. It's been a good week, as I finished strong with my deadlifts, and set new personal bests for squats, power cleans, and chin-ups. Last week was also good from a nutrition standpoint, as only one non-healthy item was eaten, a sad consequence of living next door to an amazing cafe. I also upgraded my dumbbells, purchasing 4 additional 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) plates, which raised my 2 dumbbell max weight to 21.5 kg (47 lbs) and my 1 dumbbell max weight to 28.5 kg (63 lbs). I'll get started with those on Monday the 7th, and although the total weight increase is only 4 and 5 lbs, respectively, I think that even the slightly higher weight will definitely add to the challenge of those lifts. The one area that the single weight feels inadequate for are overhead triceps extensions, but I'm probably going to switch those to single-arm overhead or kickbacks to better accommodate my equipment's ability to give me a challenge. Our dumbbell sets were definitely a good investment, considering the difficulty of getting away to a gym without childcare and a baby at home.

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