Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Training Methodology

Just wanted to put down a few words about my training philosophy to kick off 2013. I think that it's completely pointless to have a blog about working out without talking about what it is you're doing, why you're doing it, and what you expect to achieve by doing so.

First, what am I doing? I'm currently training a 2-day split twice a week with a focus on compound movements. My primary lifts are the Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Power Clean, Shoulder Press, Pull-up and Row. My current training includes two variants of the Deadlift, and three of the Bench Press to focus on different aspects of the lifts. I also do some limited isolation work, specifically with dumbbells, and I don't spend my training time on cardio. I try to eat clean (minimally or non-processed) foods, and I follow these intake guidelines. I am currently supplementing with Creatine Monohydrate, NO-Xplode, a multivitamin, and flaxseed oil, and use 100% Whey and Syntha-6 protein shakes for post-workout and meal replacement, respectively. I get a lot of my meal recipes from this Facebook group.

Second, why is this my plan? I focus on compound movements, because they activate the greatest amount of muscle mass, which contributes to higher testosterone levels, and therefore muscle growth. I lift heavy, (as in, I use weights which are at the edge of my ability) and progress as soon as a weight becomes too easy or routine, because my goal is to grow muscle and strength while maintaining a low body fat. I do not "bulk", because staying relatively lean is more important to me than large hypertrophy gains, and I'm able to make strength gains regardless. I have one workout (or half of one of my 2 days) which is exclusively done with dumbbells to allow me to work out at home, while I watch my soon-to-be one year old daughter.

Third, what are my expectations? I expect to continue to increase my strength and muscularity, while keeping a lean body (low body fat percentage). I expect to make strength gains, and to better my overall physical well-being. Lastly, I expect to be capable of keeping up with my daughter, looking good for my wife, and feeling good about how I look.

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