Monday, January 7, 2013

Full House

The gym was the fullest I've ever seen it. There was not an unoccupied treadmill or elliptical, nor a bar or bench unused. This was probably my fault for going in there at 6 PM on a Monday. Fortunately, I was able to get my hands on a bar for Power Cleans and SLDLs long enough to get my sets in, and snuck in my 3 sets of close-grip bench before heading home to continue with my dumbbell lifts. Sadly I skipped Push Press as a result of this. Angela made an incredible dinner for us tonight, too!

I feel great about my progress so far since I started last January, and am really looking forward to seeing the progress I'll make in the coming twelve weeks. One consequence of this contest is that I find myself really motivated to do an extra set, or pump out 10 instead of 8 reps. I'm also enjoying my 2 days split, two days a week regimen a lot more than I had been enjoying the 2 day split with 6 training days a week I'd been on.

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